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Join us for the 2014 golf season!

In order to join SMWGA, you need to hold an active GHIN card through a member club and have an index of 36.0 or less. An annual membership fee of $30 entitles you to play in weekly 18 hole tournaments held on Tuesdays at many of southern Maine 's finest golf venues. Entry fees range from $25 to $48 and tournament formats vary throughout the season.  Gross and net prizes are awarded, but the emphasis is on making new friends who, like you, love the game of golf!

Please contact us if you have any questions about becoming a member of the SMWGA.

News from the Prez

Joy Eon

Hey Ladies,

 I believe spring has sprung…or technically at least!  Thankfully we’ve had a few gorgeous days and hopefully there will be many more to come, especially on Tuesdays. 

 ***Finally it’s time to sign up for our first weekly tournament of the year to take place at Sanford Country Club on Tuesday, May 6.  This is open to both A and B players and signup is now through Friday.  Soooooo, please remember to apply online, or get a printed application into the mail by Friday, April 18.  As a matter of fact, I’d best get mine in right now before I get left out!

 Hope to see many of you there and I’m hoping for a gorgeous day on which to begin our season!


Results of the B Survey - Executive Director, Barbara Freeman

At the beginning of August, I offered a survey to 142 B players of SMWGA to gather information about participation in the weekly tournaments. Sixty members responded online while two others mailed their responses. The comments and responses provided significant insight and data to improve our efforts not only with B players but all members of our organization.

The following is a summary of all responses and comments:

Most common reason for play on Tuesday was because a friend was playing.

• many individual comments indicated that finding a playing partner effects decision to play because many do not wish to make the long drives alone.

Most common reason to NOT play on Tuesday was personal schedule conflict.

• many members have job commitments; additionally summer time activities with family commonly impact decision to play.

• Many of our older members opted to play with the Seniors who often played the same courses scheduled by the SMWGA the next day.

When course choice effected decision to play, the two most common reasons not to play were driving distance and the fact that some of the holes with hazards did not have “drop and carry” areas.

As a result of the survey, there are operational decisions that we can consider going forward.

• Increase communication especially for new members. Design a new member packet that explains how the SMWGA works. Sign-up email reminders would be helpful as well.

• More mixed A/B events especially for courses that are less “appealing”.

• Later start times or shotgun starts.

• Develop a system to ensure speedier rounds. A 5-hour round with a long commute does not appeal to anyone.

• “Drop and carry” areas as needed to promote faster and fairer play.

• A method to match players for regular weekly tournaments as well as for special events.

• Determine a shorter “travel radius” when selecting courses for “Southern” Maine Women’s Golf Association.

• Meet with interested members who would like to review the survey and offer additional suggestions to increase participation.

Of course the weather was mentioned more than a few times in the survey and if anyone can figure out how to manage Mother Nature, I’d love to hear from you! Thanks to all who participated in the survey!

B Participation Survey Summary

To see the actual number graphs on the survey, please click here.

   SMWGA would like your personal slant on the survey, be you an A player or a B player. Use this email.

Contact: Mail/58 Val Halla Road, Cumberland, ME 04021 Phone/207-829-4442  Email/ or