Founded 1976 to promote women's golf in southern Maine-41 years of Great Golf
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Michele Davis, President

President’s Message

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure and honor of hosting my last SMWGA’s Fall Meeting.  I want to thank all of you for your support during my time on the Board in various roles from hosting the Maine Women’s Amateur at various courses, as Vice President and recently as President.   As we move towards the merger of women’s golf into the MSGA I believe that women’s golf in the state will only get better with all of our support during the time of transition and beyond.  Please consider working on a committee to help with the transition, join a regular committee or join the MSGA Board.  Together we can build a path for women and our junior players to participate in organized women’s golf for years to come.  

I would also like to thank the Board for their generous gift of this bag, I always have stuff to carry that doesn’t fit in my very large purse!!!  I have used the bag several times already with our logo proudly displayed.

 MSGA Merger Update:

 On Wednesday, October 4 the document to merge the women’s golf associations with the MSGA was signed.  As President SMWGA, I signed the document, along with Vicki Lindquist, President WMSGA and Joe Alvarez, President MSGA.  The effective date of the merger is 1/1/18.  At that time Joy Eon and I will join the MSGA board along with Micki Meggison and Birdie Pearse from WMSGA.

 Members of the current women’s golf organizations have the opportunity to join various committees to support the transition of the current women’s golf organizations into the MSGA as well as the general day to day work of the MSGA. 

Merger Specific Committees:
Merger Finance and Administration
Merger Scheduling and Tournament Committee
Women’s Governance

 General MSGA Committees: 

Nominating Committee
Personnel Committee
Finance Committee
Scholarship Committee
Tournament Committee
Junior Golf Committee
Marketing Committee
Governance and Stewardship

 General SMWGA Notes:

 A moment of silence was recognized for members of SMWGA that have died this past year.

 Vouchers will be distributed soon.

 Rating of the Freeport and Bath course will take place before the end of the year.  There are also a few 9 hole courses that will be done as well.  If you are interested in helping with rating courses please get in touch with Helen Treadwell.  Men and women are working together to rate all of the tees at courses being rated.  We discussed that it would be helpful if courses are being rated club members could act as “local narrators” to help the rating team.

 This year the Scholarship Committee distributed 4 $2000 scholarships to local young women, please checkout the website for their names and the schools they will be attending.

 Check out the website to see Barb Freeman’s Fall Executive Director report.

 Jenifer Stewart and Eileen Bryant worked on the 2018 proposed golf schedule along with Sue Wootton(WMSGA).  Recently they reviewed the schedule with Randy Hodson(MSGA), who is responsible for scheduling the MSGA tournaments.  Randy will be working with the clubs across the state to schedule our events based on the schedule provided.  Stay Tuned.



SMWGA Code of Conduct

As a result of issues brought to my attention at the last few tournaments, I decided that it might be a good time to revisit expectations of appropriate behavior. We strive as an organization to make our Tuesday events fun and fair for all. All members should feel welcomed on Tuesday and look forward to playing great courses with friends new and old. Host courses should look forward to our patronage and be anxious about scheduling our events annually. To ensure this, it is imperative that all members are respectful and represent our organization in the most positive manner.

The following have been the concerns expressed by members recently. 

Offensive Language

We have all probably at one time or another let some “colorful” words slip after that shanked shot into the woods or missing that gimme putt. A sincere apology for an occasional foul word is nice, but refraining from such outbursts is expected by the SMWGA. 


  • Distracting Chatter

Perhaps we are unaware at times how voices carry on a golf course. As you chat with your partners while waiting to hit, use your “inside” or “library” voices, so your conversation does not distract the groups in front or behind you. Also before shouting across to a distant partner, be aware of the activity in the groups around you. Do not yell to someone if others are on the green putting or the group behind is teeing off. Also after the round if you are socializing on an outside deck, please be more aware of player activity on nearby holes. You are not in a bubble on a golf course; other players are all around you and deserve respect.


  • Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Related to the aforementioned issue of voices carrying is the concern that rude and disparaging comments have been made about other players. Even though the comments were not meant to be heard, they have been and have caused offense. There is absolutely no place for unkind behavior in this organization.


  • Accurate Scorekeeping

Golf is a game of personal integrity and every player should play by the USGA rules and maintain an accurate stroke count. Be sure to confirm scores as you move to the next tee with everyone in the group. Each member in the pairing should keep a card, so that there is ample information to reconcile any discrepancies after the round. 


If you have experienced any of the above issues, I apologize on behalf of the SMWGA. If you have been responsible for these behaviors, I ask that you become more aware and refrain from such in future events.


Thank you all for your consideration and continued effort to make the SMWGA a welcoming and fun golf organization!

Barbara Freeman, Director

Barbara Freeman

SMWGA 2017 Data: (Information given at Fall Meeting, 2017)

  • We have 316 members this year compared to 327 in 2016. Although membership is down compared to last year, we have 53 new and /or returning members who did not join in 2016.   This has been the trend for the past five years where we lose and gain approximately the same number of members.    
  • Average regular weekly tournament participation for the A Division was 59 players, representing an increase of 2 over last year’s average. Highest non-team event participation was at Belgrade with 95 while lowest was at Bridgton with 33.                                                            
  • Average regular weekly tournament participation for B Division was 29 players, up from 27 in 2016. Highest non-team event participation was at Cape Arundel with 52. Lowest participation was at Toddy Brook with 26 players.   B Championship had its lowest participation ever with only 23 players.                                                                                                                
  • Proportionally participation was higher this year when comparing total participants to the number of tournaments for the 2016 and 2017 seasons, 74 players per event and 86 players per event respectively. So in spite of reduced membership and two cancelled events, we had a very strong season.

Tournament Participation Comparison “Sample” 2016 vs.2017





Brunswick 84/88

Biddeford Saco 99/104


Point Sebago/Riverside 80/84

SableOaks/Fairlawn 76/76


SpringMeadows/Val Halla 60/64

Brunswick/Springbrook 56/58

Sanford (A & B)



Founders’ Scramble

Dunegrass/Nonesuch 76/68

Falmouth/Riverside 72/68


Portland CC 168

Webhannett 120

  • PayPal continues to be a very popular method for weekly sign-ups as well as for membership renewal. Close to 95% of all entries were processed online and 78% of the 316 SMWGA memberships were transacted through PayPal.
  • All voucher accounts will be cleared at the end of the 2017 season. A voucher account will be activated when a member joins and wins next season.
  • Pace of play continued to be a huge success. Players consistently maintained interval times and rarely did the rounds exceed 4 1/2  hours. Our mission next year will be for continued success while honing our skills of supportive, constructive communication within our groups.

New Club Representatives for 2018:

Susan McLain will be taking over for Annette Kincaid, Val Halla.

Deb Porter will be taking over for Nancy Lundquist, Woodlands

Mary Latini will be taking over for Claire Feeney, Riverside

Diane Stillman will be taking over for Joanne Diller, Bridgton Highlands

Feel free to contact me during the winter if you have any suggestions to make the 2018 a successful and enjoyable experience for all.Best way to contact me for the quickest response is by email at

Important Notice from the Director

Barbara Freeman

How Tee Times are Selected…..

“You can’t always get what you want….” Rolling Stones 1969
I received an email recently from a member concerned about the equity in tee time assignments. The perception was that higher handicappers were taking the brunt of the tail-end tee time slots. Ironically when cleaning out the old office, I found a copy of an email from 1999 that expressed the same concern.
As I have explained previously, each week I press a button on the computer that randomly assigns tee times with no regard to handicap. I was confused and bothered that some people may frequently and unfairly be assigned late tee times. After some thought, I decided that part of the problem might be the special requests that I have tried to accommodate with each tournament. Perhaps when I mess with the “random tee sheet” moving players into requested times, I have inadvertently placed some players into later slots repeatedly.  
The reality is that most of the requests I receive are simply personal preference…wouldn’t we all prefer a 9 AM tee time every Tuesday? So starting this season, I ask that you only make special requests that are truly need based.
If circumstances require that you have a particular tee time for a tournament, please make that known when you process your entry, and I will do my best to accommodate. The new tournament management program from Golf Genius claims it will balance the number of early and late tee times a player has during the season. If, however, the computer does give you the same result for multiple, consecutive weeks, then please bring it to my attention so I can make future adjustments. I will continue to place home course members within first tee times, so they can help with hosting duties. I can also give consecutive times to players who want to commute together. 
Thank you for making your 2017 requests “need-based” rather than personal preference in fairness to all members. Clear your Tuesdays of appointments and work obligations during the golf season and embrace playing the game you love with your SMWGA friends regardless of the time you start and finish.
 NOTE: Unfortunately PayPal has removed the option to send me a message during the online transaction, so you will have to send any requests in a separate email. I apologize for the inconvenience.  I have expressed my dismay to PayPal, so hopefully they will bring this feature back in the future.