Founded 1976 to promote women's golf in southern Maine-41 years of Great Golf

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Dear Maine Women Golfers,

We can’t believe it’s almost time to start signing up for our Tuesday tournaments. Whether you are a member of WMSGA or SMWGA, please remember that you’ll need to pay your dues before you can sign up to play. Tournaments start soon!

 It may seem that no progress toward the transition/merger of our two organizations and MSGA has been made since October. However, some legal issues concerning our non-profit status needed to be resolved first. These issues impact all three organizations, and it was imperative they be addressed to ensure that, going forward, we build a strong charitable organization. We understand that legal issues will be finalized very soon, so stay tuned.

 What we do know is that – from the outset – women from both our organizations will be active on the MSGA Board. In addition, a mixed-gender women’s committee, made up of board members, non-board members, and possibly members of the MSGA staff, will be created. That said, we are looking for women interested in serving on the MSGA Board and/or the women’s committee. If you have an interest, please contact either of us. As the women’s committee and its subcommittees work out the details and processes of the merger, we will keep our memberships informed by sending emails and posting to our websites. 

 This season? Things remain the same. You will sign up and play tournaments just as you have in the past. Be assured that we are keeping the best interest of our women golfers in mind while going through this challenging process.

 Stay tuned.
Play Golf!

 Michele Davis, SMWGA President
Vicki Lindquist, WMSGA President

New in 2017 – A Tournament Portal for Pairings and Results. Follow this link to the Portal.


Important Notice from the Director

Barbara Freeman

How Tee Times are Selected…..

“You can’t always get what you want….” Rolling Stones 1969
I received an email recently from a member concerned about the equity in tee time assignments. The perception was that higher handicappers were taking the brunt of the tail-end tee time slots. Ironically when cleaning out the old office, I found a copy of an email from 1999 that expressed the same concern.
As I have explained previously, each week I press a button on the computer that randomly assigns tee times with no regard to handicap. I was confused and bothered that some people may frequently and unfairly be assigned late tee times. After some thought, I decided that part of the problem might be the special requests that I have tried to accommodate with each tournament. Perhaps when I mess with the “random tee sheet” moving players into requested times, I have inadvertently placed some players into later slots repeatedly.  
The reality is that most of the requests I receive are simply personal preference…wouldn’t we all prefer a 9 AM tee time every Tuesday? So starting this season, I ask that you only make special requests that are truly need based.
If circumstances require that you have a particular tee time for a tournament, please make that known when you process your entry, and I will do my best to accommodate. The new tournament management program from Golf Genius claims it will balance the number of early and late tee times a player has during the season. If, however, the computer does give you the same result for multiple, consecutive weeks, then please bring it to my attention so I can make future adjustments. I will continue to place home course members within first tee times, so they can help with hosting duties. I can also give consecutive times to players who want to commute together. 
Thank you for making your 2017 requests “need-based” rather than personal preference in fairness to all members. Clear your Tuesdays of appointments and work obligations during the golf season and embrace playing the game you love with your SMWGA friends regardless of the time you start and finish.
 NOTE: Unfortunately PayPal has removed the option to send me a message during the online transaction, so you will have to send any requests in a separate email. I apologize for the inconvenience.  I have expressed my dismay to PayPal, so hopefully they will bring this feature back in the future.