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Jennifer, Jonsey, Jan, Barb-Front Row

Joy, Michele, Barb R., Peggy-Back Row

To see the WINNERS for this 2015 Season, click here.


Voucher amounts for every winner this past season (up to 10/08/15).

Click on this link to view.

  • Members accumulate winnings throughout the season which will be “deposited” into that member’s voucher account.
  • Vouchers will be available at the member’s convenience upon request to the Executive Director (Barbara Freeman) throughout the season. Email requests are preferred, but you can call the office as well. Requests will be for the full amount of winnings that the member has at that time.
  • Please make sure that we have an accurate local address when you request a voucher. Vouchers are processed by Pat Verry and mailed directly to you. 
  • Lost vouchers will result in loss of winnings. 
  • Prize money in the voucher account will not expire. NOTE: Funds will be remitted to the SMWGA General Fund if there is a two-year consecutive lapse in membership.
  • Access to winnings record online through the Results tab on the SMWGA website or by contacting the SMWGA office.
  • Funds can be transferred to Scholarship Fund by member request at any time.
  • Prizes won at the Metropolitan and Co-Ed tournaments are not included in this voucher system. Host pro shop credits are awarded at those events.

The intent of this new system is efficiency, flexibility and convenience for the organization as well as the individual members. We are hoping that members will only request a voucher when they are ready to spend their prize money. We are currently pursuing options to display voucher balances online, so stay tuned.

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions you may have about voucher distribution.

Joy Eon

Last words from outgoing President Joy Eon. Click to read.

Contact information: SMWGA Director, 58 Val Halla Rd., Cumberland, ME. 04021  Email: