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Joy Eon

This year’s Metropolitan has been moved from Boothbay CC to Falmouth CC. The following paragraph is from Barbara Freeman.

 The Metropolitan has long been one of our season’s most popular events.  Due to a few scheduling conditions with Boothbay, the Board agreed that to ensure the success of this tournament, an alternative venue was needed.  We look forward to working with Falmouth to provide a great golfing experience for our Metropolitan and hope to have Boothbay on our schedule in the future for a regular Tuesday event.

 I apologize if this change has caused you any inconvenience.  Thankfully Barbara, our Executive Director and Melissa Johnson, our Tournament Scheduler, were able to take care of things for us so we’ll all have the chance to play what many feel is one of the most enjoyable tournaments of the season!  

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The Maine Women’s Amateur registration opens on Friday, June 12.  A printable application and information sheet along with lodging suggestions are available on the Home page of our website under “Everything You Need for MWA”.  Please think about entering this 3-day tournament to be held at the friendly and fun but challenging Biddeford Saco Country Club.  You’ll play 3 rounds of golf, play with 2 nice ladies each day (hopefully, lol) and come home with a nice tee gift as well as a prize if you place within your flight.  There will be awards given for the MWA 2015 Champion, runner-up and Junior Champion as well as awards for 4 places in 4 flights.  So please spread the word, encourage your partners to sign up and let’s try to make this our largest MWA to date!

Hopefully you’re getting out there to get some fresh air and exercise while you play some good or not so good golf:)


P.S.  Congratulations to all you winners…there have been many of you already this season and some repeats as well!!

Important Message from Barbara Freeman


Hopefully you all had a good day at Purpoodock in spite of the weather. We only had 15 people withdraw because of the showers that fortunately subsided by mid-morning.

Now everyone's favorite topic...pace of play. I would say the earliest tee timers kept a fairly good pace of 4.5 hours or a bit less. Unfortunately from about the 10 AM tee time on, the dreaded crawl to a 5 hour round began. I know a large field is a factor because a 5 minute lag in one group and then another and then another eventually adds an extra, unnecessary half hour to the round. I am concerned that the players that contribute to the slow play are not entirely aware that they are responsible. We all need to be more upfront with enlightening our fellow players when we see behavior that creates slow play... ambling casually to your cart after finishing a stroke, not having a club selected and ready to hit as soon as it is your turn, acquiring distance to target while others are hitting, reckoning a scorecard before moving to next hole, marking every putt and not holing out, etc. We want Tuesdays to be enjoyable for all and picking up the pace will make a difference, especially for the folks at the tail end of the tee sheet. Belgrade will be our next big challenge, so be thinking about your play and how you can help make 4 and a half hour or less round a reality.

By the way Pat Bailey, a new SMWGA member from Falmouth, was the 50-50 winner yesterday...$107!!  Thank you everyone for supporting the SMWGA Scholarship Fund.


Second Annual Girls Golf Fair June 28

 The Second Annual Girls Golf Fair, sponsored by the First Tee of Maine, will be held Sunday, June 28, 2015, from 1 – 3 p.m. at Riverside-South Golf Course, Portland. Our goal is to grow the game of golf by introducing non-golfing girls to the sport in a low-key, fun environment and encouraging girls who already play golf to continue with this lifelong sport. The Golf Fair is free and open to girls of all ages. Last’s year event was a success with about 50 girls attending. Our goal for this year is to make the event even bigger and better by reaching more participants and by adding more volunteers.

 We need volunteers in many capacities both before and the day of the event. We also need volunteer instructors and helpers – all you need is a knowledge of golf and we will give you teaching guidelines. We also need women golfers to bring participants to the event – children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends or relatives. Please let me know if you are willing to help out in any capacity and what your availability is. You don’t need to be available the day of the event to volunteer as we also have plenty to do before the event. Any help is welcomed!!

 Thanks for your interest in helping to grow the game of golf by getting more girls involved.

Terri Messer

Girls Golf Fair Chair and Board Member, The First Tee 


Sometimes it’s handy to know your handicap, in advance, before playing a new course.

To find out follow this link to the USGA site where you can enter information and find your number.

Scroll down to find the app.

Also, if you have a calculator handy, you can do it yourself. Multiply your index number by the slope rating and then divide by 113.

Have fun with the numbers.

Scholarship Recipients

Nicole Moody, Wells 

University of New Hampshire

Bailey Marden, Cornish 

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Maria Cianchette, Falmouth - Woodlands

North Carolina State University

Sarah Hansen, Cumberland - Val Halla

Gettysburg College

Grace King, Yarmouth - Woodlands 

St. Lawrence University

Contact information: SMWGA Director, 58 Val Halla Rd., Cumberland, ME. 04021  Email: