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Congratulations to the 2015 MWA Champion-Staci Creech

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Champions of the Future-Bailey Plourde, Jordan LaPlume, Stephanie Rodrigue, Erin Holmes

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Joy Eon

This week was a busy week for women’s golf in Maine!  The Maine Women’s Amateur (MWA) was held at Biddeford Saco Country Club Monday through Wednesday this week, we held our regular Tuesday event at Bath and WMSGA held their better ball of 2 tournament at Riverside.

 We have a new MWA Champion, Staci Creech, from Bangor Muni who took charge of the tourney the last few holes. Emily Bouchard, a 2-time winner of this event was runner up and the defending champ, Leslie Guenther, placed third.  Although Wednesday was especially warm (hot), Mother Nature was good to us this week so we were able to play the three days with no delays or shortening of the event.  Thank you for that!  83 golfers participated in the Amateur and I applaud you all for your support.  We had 6 junior golfers play and one who is just 10 years old!  Nice job Ruby Haylock.  5 out of those 6 placed in the top half.  Great job JUNIORS!  Thanks for your participation.  Full results are posted here:

Congratulations to all competitors for your spectacular play and or your perseverance!!!

 Many members of our association volunteered at the MWA.  They registered players, sold raffle tickets, donated snack items, worked out on the course as spotters or guided players from the 6th to 7th hole.  Some of them, you know who, worked all 3 days for many hours without complaint.  Michele Davis, our upcoming President, chaired the MWA committee and did an outstanding job!  Margo Audiffred, our representative for BSCC took charge of the hospitality position.  Stephanie, a long time SMWGA Board member, had sponsor signs made up and prepared the brochure.  Barbara Freeman handled making up the scorecards, accepted applications, sending players their information packets and was very efficient at getting scoring results figured and posted quickly.  Pam Strayer, our webmaster, has been kept quite busy with many postings over the last few months and has done an excellent job per usual.  Many thanks to all of you for helping to make this a successful event.

 The USGA Women’s Team Championship will be held in September at Dalhousie Golf Club in Cape Girardeau, MO and we’re hoping to send the team of Staci Creech, Emily Bouchard and Leslie Guenther.  They’ve been notified and within a week or so we should have a definite team ready to enter. 

 Coming up this week is our B Championship at Riverside and a regular day at Fairlawn.  August 11 is the 2-ball at Augusta/Foxridge.  August 18 will be Freeport and Aug 25 is 2 Best Balls of 4 at Brunswick/Poland Springs.  Remember to sign up this week!  August is the time to register for most of our September tournaments so please try to keep checking the dates so you’re sure you’re able to play in the ones you want.



Sometimes it’s handy to know your handicap, in advance, before playing a new course.

To find out follow this link to the USGA site where you can enter information and find your number.

Scroll down to find the app.

Also, if you have a calculator handy, you can do it yourself. Multiply your index number by the slope rating and then divide by 113.

Have fun with the numbers.

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