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 Dear Members of WMSGA and SMWGA,

We have learned in the past few weeks that the USGA has indicated its intent to move toward partnering with a single golf association in each state and region sometime in 2018.  Members of the Executive Boards of both women’s associations have met with Joe Alvarez, President of MSGA, about this intent and the MSGA’s view of what it all means.  After multiple conversations, our shared conclusion is that a merger of our organizations is a likely, perhaps inevitable, potentially synergistic outcome.

Joe described to us that the MSGA’s strategic long-term plan, developed with the help of a female facilitator, contains elements aimed at growing golf in Maine, growing junior golf, and expanding and improving the effectiveness of the charitable activities of the association.  The MSGA Board of Directors recognized early in this process that growth must take into account all the various golf associations in Maine – men’s, women’s, seniors, juniors, superintendents, and so on.  Joe further described the MSGA’s goal to draw all these associations together into one golf community, collaborating to deliver player competitions, junior programs, scholarship programs, member education, and other activities to reverse the decline in membership and play, and to support the growth of the game.

We believe the MSGA is sincere about working together to promote the growth of golf, and will honor the characteristics that are important to the identities of our associations.  We also believe it is time to join forces to become one golf association that is stronger and better positioned for the future than the several organizations we are today.  We will be recruiting volunteers to serve on a joint merger committee to begin the discussion and to ensure that the interests and concerns of our women are heard, understood, and addressed to the satisfaction of our memberships. We will be talking more about it during our Annual Meetings, so we encourage you all to attend to ensure your concerns are voiced.  We want to hear your thoughts.



Vicki Lindquist Michele Davis

WMSGA President SMWGA President

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