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2014 Score Posting Season Has Ended in Maine
 Remember,  you must post scores that are played at golf facilities that are in season, such as those in Florida or the Carolinas. Handicaps are calculated year round, so if you travel south this winter it's important to post your scores.

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Winter has certainly given us many trying moments. Even a snow enthusiast like me has struggled with the number of storms and the below average temperatures. One really has to dig deep (pun intended!)to imagine spring and golf coming any time soon. We can only hope that all the snow is acting as a blanket to protect the fairways and greens so we can hit the ground swinging once all the snow melts.


I am heartened by the optimism of almost thirty members who have already signed up for the 2015 season. Most have signed up online which is hopefully an indication that more members will take advantage of this payment option for membership and tournament entries. Pam Strayer has acquired an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate for our website increasing our site’s cyber-security.

Speaking of Pam, she has been working diligently and expertly to bring the annual booklet online. Look for all the “booklet” information soon in a new, user-friendly cyber format. Another new feature will be maps and directions.

In the meantime, when it suits you, you can renew your membership electronically or with a postage stamp.

Any members who do NOT have internet access can request hard copies from the SMWGA office.

So hang in there! Enjoy the beauty of our winter wonderland! Think spring!

To see Barbara in a video with more news, click here

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Well Ladies,

For those of you braving the Maine winter, I hope you’re having some fun playing in the snow or keeping warm and cozy inside. Probably many of you are thinking “enough already”! For those of you who are in places where you’re able to golf outside, I hope you’re enjoying it and please remember to post your scores.


Fortunately the days are already getting longer so eventually we’ll be seeing signs of Spring in our good old home state which was recently voted #2 safest state in America!! The more time I spend away from Maine, the more I appreciate it.

Barbara F, I got a chuckle out of your little video☺ Yup, you may as well take advantage of all the white stuff mother nature has very generously given us!

As Pam pointed out to me, sign ups for our Tuesday tournaments will begin before we know it so be ready! Sign ups for 2015 membership can be taken care of anytime now. Barbara has received quite a few already. Oops, that reminds me, I should get signed up today while I’m thinking of it!!

Take care all and perhaps if we all “think Spring”, the snow will melt quickly so our golf season will begin as scheduled!!

Stay warm or stay cool (depending upon where you are), 


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University of New Hampshire

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Wentworth Institute of Technology

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North Carolina State University

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Gettysburg College

Grace King, Yarmouth - Woodlands 

St. Lawrence Uni

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