Important Details

Starting Time Policy

Each competitor is expected to be at the course and ready to play 10 minutes prior to her tee time. In the event of late arrival, the following penalties will apply:
If arrival is after her group has teed off, but before the next scheduled group, the player may join her foursome. A two-stroke penalty will be assessed at the first hole for lateness.
If the next group has already teed off, the player is disqualified from the tournament. She may still join her group and play along.

 It is each player’s responsibility to arrive at the course in a timely fashion. Directions are provided for the player’s convenience and misinterpretation or incorrect directions will not be accepted as an excuse for late arrival.
Slow Play Policy
Slow players, as determined by a significant gap between foursomes, will receive two letters of warning.  The third infraction will result in the assessment of a 2-stroke penalty for the tournament in which the infraction occurred.  The number of infractions will carry forward into the next season.

Cell Phone Policy 

SMWGA members will adhere to the “no cell phone use” policy of any host club.  In addition, and regardless of the policy at the host club, SMWGA members will adhere to the SMWGA policy that the use of such phones at a SMWGA event is permitted only in the case of an emergency.

Distance Measuring Devices

Devices which measure only distance and not any other playing condition, may be used in SMWGA tournaments.  The device and/or information obtained by the device may be, but need not be, shared among competitors.  The use or sharing of such a device must not unduly delay the pace of play.

Dress Code and Behavior

Players and their caddies must wear appropriate golf attire and meet the dress codes of all host clubs.  Players and their caddies are guests at host clubs and must be cordial and polite to the management and employees of the host clubs, as well as to each other.  SWMGA reserves the right to cancel entries of those who do not comply with the dress code and/or whose behavior is disruptive or offensive.  SMWGA also reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member who repeatedly fails to comply with dress or behavior standards.  Any concerns or complaints a player may have must be brought directly to the SMWGA office, not to the host club.

Lightning Policy

All SMWGA players must be aware that their safety is their own responsibility.  SMWGA cannot assume the responsibility of getting members off of the golf course during an electrical storm.  Many member clubs do not have warning devices, and some warning devices are such that they do not operate during an electrical outage.  Please do not take unnecessary risk.  Regardless of whether or not an SMWGA member believes a tournament will be cancelled or truncated, it is each member’s singular responsibility to decide when weather conditions are unsafe.   In the event play is officially suspended, it is each player’s responsibility to wait until it is determined whether play should resume, be cancelled, or whether the tournament will be shortened.
When play is officially suspended for a dangerous situation, if a player is between the play of two holes, she must not resume play until resumption of play is officially ordered.  If a player is in the process of playing a hole, she must discontinue play immediately, mark the location of her ball, and not resume play until resumption is officially ordered.  If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, she is disqualified unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.

Assumption of Risk

Members agree to hold SMWGA, the SMWGA Executive Board, the SMWGA Board of Directors, and the SMWGA Executive Director harmless and free from all claims, demands, and liabilities arising out of any loss or damage suffered in connection with their membership in SMWGA and participation in any SMWGA tournaments or events.    Members agree that they have assumed the risk of all adverse consequences that may result from their participation in an SMWGA tournament or event.

Member Clubs

  1. Member Clubs pay annual dues of $50, payable no later than the first scheduled event.  Membership in the Association shall bind each club to make its course available for an SMWGA tournament on a yearly basis at a date agreeable to both.

  2. 18-hole courses will be asked to host Special Tournament Events on a rotating basis.


  1. SMWGA members must be rated as amateurs with a 36.0 or less USGA handicap index. Maintenance at this level is not required if membership is renewed prior to June 15th of each season.

  2. Must be members of SMWGA member club (GHIN card must be active through a member club). 

  3. Pay dues of $30.

   4. Any female individual, age 18 or under or still in high school is eligible as a junior member with annual dues  waived. 

   5.  Membership renewal should be paid by the Spring Meeting.