Pace of Play

Pace of Play Reminders

You should always keep up with the group AHEAD of you.

At maximum, it should take a foursome 12 minutes to play a Par 3, 14 minutes to play a Par 4, and 16 minutes to play a Par 5. With few exceptions, an 18 hole total maximum time is 4 hours and 12 minutes.

Here are some tips to keep up:

  • On the tee, all players should select their club simultaneously and stand on the tee together. You should not wait until it is your turn to get your club and walk up to the tee. Also agree to play “ready golf” throughout the round.
  • If you are driving the cart, drop off your passenger at her ball then you drive to your ball and get ready to hit while the other players are hitting. After your shot go back to pick up your cart partner who hopefully is walking toward you after hitting her shot.
  • Analyze your shot in advance (select club, wind, distance, etc.)
  • Park the cart behind the green or nearest to the probable exit point of the group.
  • The first player who putts out should stand next to the flag stick and put it in the hole immediately after the last player has putted out.
  • Record scores on the next tee.
  • Put your clubs near the flagstick or on the path back to the cart, so you do not forget them or waste time running around to retrieve them.
  • Practice continuous putting . Sink that 2-footer instead of marking the ball. J
  • The TOTAL TIME it should take to get ready, select your club, take ONE practice swing and play your shot should be no more than 40 seconds. This time should start before the person hitting before you has finished her shot, or at the latest, as soon as you get to your ball and it’s your turn.
  • BE READY when it is your turn. Be at your ball before it is your turn to hit with appropriate club in hand.
  • Watch where other players in your group hit their balls, taking note of a landmark so you can help locate their ball quickly.
  • Support your slower playing partners by offering suggestions of how they could speed up play.

Thanks to Carol Hurley and Kiawah Island for these reminders.