Weekly Tournament Procedure

1.  Pre-registration required for all tournaments

2. Mail your entry with $25. 

if you still want to use snail mail, just include the following information on a piece of paper and send to the SMWGA office:

  • Name of tournament/date
  • Player(s) names and home club(s)
  • Cart? Walking? 
  • Any additional special request if needed

  Check the website for tee times. If you cannot access a computer, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive your tee time. Mail entry to the office at 58 Val Halla Rd., Cumberland, ME 04021. OR, Use online registration which includes a fee for processing to cover online fees we pay. Make sure to indicate player(s) name(s) and club, cart or not.
Note: Players may only sign up as a twosome; no more than two players from a club may play together.

3.  Pay for the cart in host Pro Shop prior to play. Carts can be cancelled at the host Pro Shop as late as 5 pm on the Sunday prior to tournament without financial penalty.

4.  Report to assigned tee 10 minutes before tee time.

5.  Slow play will not be tolerated. Each foursome is required to mark starting and ending time on score card.

6.  At the end of round give signed, verified score card to Tournament Scorer.

7.  Soft spikes on all courses.